Agile design services
for the fintech industry


Building trust is hard.
We can help.

The pressure to innovate and disrupt in fintech is relentless. You need a partner who speaks your language, doesn’t compromise with quality, and can help you efficiently reach your goals. Someone who understands the nuances of building trust, security, and seamless user experiences that go beyond surface-level solutions.

Your challenges:

- Prepare a pitch to potential investors
- Educate your users about your product/service
- Be instantly recognizable and stand out from your competition


Our solution:

We use strategic thinking, impactful design, and
captivating motion graphics to craft unique solutions
to your specific needs.

In partnering with us you can:

Improve Brand Credibility and Trust:

Communicate clearly & effectively:

Gain Competitive Advantage:

As someone who regularly pitches their ideas in front of investors, it’s important you have a professional and cohesive brand image. This signals stability and reliability in a financial landscape where security is of the utmost importance.

Financial concepts can be intricate and challenging for non-experts to grasp. We can assist in translating complex financial ideas into clear and visually engaging formats, such as infographics, explainer videos, and interactive elements. This can significantly improve user understanding of your product/service and boost user adoption rates significantly.

Creating a unique visual identity that is supported by a meaningful brand strategy will help you stand out among your competitors. The designs we create for you are based on your values, personality and purpose, so they will always be distinctly yours supporting your brand recall.

How much will this cost?

We offer a flat project fee after meeting with you to define a detailed scope and timeline.
Our projects typically range from 10,000€ to 40,000€, with time frames spanning 6 to 15 weeks. The exact cost and duration will depend on the specific scale and complexity of your needs. We value your time and resources, and we're committed to delivering successful projects within agreed-upon parameters.


Mike Wienke
EpisodeSix / USA

“This video we created with FourPlus has been used in multiple marketing campaigns, including as a centerpiece of our event booth at Money 20220 - Europe. It has generated multiple follow-up conversations and received high ratings from both internal and external audiences for its visual appeal and clarity of messaging.”

DSK Home
3d animated advertising for a new DSK Bank product - explainer
Explainer animation for the world's first DeFi lease.


What is your design process like?
You can find out more about what goes into our processes, along with an example timeline on this page

How will communication and collaboration between our teams work?
We involve you as much or as little as you want and your schedule allows. We can do weekly calls with updates or mark milestones in which we need your approval to move forward. We do rely on punctuality with feedback and for your team to have one decision-maker so that the feedback is consolidated. This makes the process flow smoother.

How do you handle revisions and unexpected changes?
We do our best to be as flexible as our processes allow. All of our phases include up to 2 revisions from the client. If the scope of work goes through drastic changes in the middle of the project or new items are added, they need to be budgeted separately along with their own timeline.

What tools and technologies do you use for design, prototyping, and collaboration?
We work with Adobe Creative Cloud for most of our creative work. We work with Figma on web/mobile/UI projects. For communication and collaboration we use mail, slack and, for video projects. 

What measures do you take to ensure the security and privacy of our data?
We regularly sign NDAs with clients and make it a point to not share anything from the project unless it’s complete.

How can you help us stand out from the competition in the Fintech market?
At the outset of every project, we start with a strategic framework and visual exploration. Whether you've already defined your brand strategy or need assistance in that, we deep dive to discover your distinctiveness and emphasize it throughout the project.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance services after the initial design project is completed?
Yes, we have an ongoing partnership with multiple fintech companies. We help them with a variety of different tasks in their day-to-day design and marketing needs.

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 Behance  +  Dribbble  +  LinkedIn  +  Facebook  +  Instagram

 Behance  +  Dribbble  +  LinkedIn  +  Facebook  +  Instagram



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