The Holistic Design Approach

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How We Create Wholesome Brands

The world is rapidly-evolving. Interconnectivity is more important than ever and traditional approaches to work usually provide incomplete solutions. The way projects are run and executed simply don't adapt for the complexity and dynamism we currently live in. Inflexibility, limited customer input, quick cosmetic solutions, and compartmentalized work processes all plague project developments. These ways of working hinder the ability to address the evolving needs of modern projects effectively.

Which is why we embrace a holistic design approach when it comes to work. All the while always striving to embody a growth mindset. Fueled by our diverse expertise, this way of working allows us to see the big picture while remaining flexible in the methods we choose. At its core the holistic design approach fosters a multifaceted work culture, allows the creation of complementary processes and results in lasting client partnerships. 

We make a deliberate effort to create a working environment that encourages learning and curiosity

This is not an easy task, especially in today’s hustle culture. It requires mindfully blocking out time for creatives to experiment and try to develop skills outside of what they were hired to do. This is essential for the success of our projects and the happiness of our team members.

A combination of learning methods enhances our team members’ personal and professional growth but also enriches the collective expertise. We regularly organize team breakfasts and dedicate time for online courses, reading and experimentation. We encourage testing out different platforms and applications connected to our industry. Even iIf someone on the team is unsure of the best way to solve a problem. Trying whatever comes to mind and seeing what comes out the other end is always a good first step.

We learn and grow by doing.

A commitment to learning and growth shapes how we structure our team. Rather than adhering to a traditional top-down hierarchical structure, we have a cross-functional team dynamic with open communication channels. Once someone is developing a new skill, they actively work with a more senior team member to immediately apply theory into practice. Thus learning by experience.

This allows animators to take on roles as illustrators and designers, while our art directors possess skills in copywriting, graffiti art, and craftsmanship. Through active participation in brainstorming sessions, contributing diverse perspectives and insights, our client service department has developed into a team of analytical thinkers perfectly suited for tackling complex projects. We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual on our team.

The comprehensive view we take towards our projects has allowed us to design complementary processes

Having a whole-systems approach towards each new project allows for the identification of the root causes of their obstacles. This way connections between different elements are discovered that otherwise would have been overlooked.

For example: someone comes to us awith the request of creating animations and designs for their website. The first step would be to analyze their brand strategy and identity. We want to make sure all the pieces fit well together. Then take a look at the structure and messages of their website pages, so that we can place the design elements in the most impactful places. If their visual identity isn’t well developed or their website structure isn’t logical - that could be the root of their problems. Not so much the fact that they’re lacking good graphics or animation.

We’ve developed frameworks for each of our services - naming, brand strategy, visual identity and motion graphics - which we can mix and match whenever necessary. Having a flexible approach and thorough preparation allows us to explore uncharted design territory with our clients. Guiding them and presenting solutions that align precisely with their unique needs. 

Creating value and sustainable solutions for clients results in lasting partnerships. All through our holistic design approach.

By integrating this approach into our work culture and processes, we craft solutions that resonate deeply and consistently across all our clients' touchpoints. This unified strategy ensures brand success, reflected in the high rate of repeat business – 70% of clients return within 10 years for new projects or further development. Witnessing our clients' brands flourish over time is incredibly rewarding.

This collaborative journey fosters mutual growth.  We gain invaluable insights into diverse industries and team dynamics, allowing us to develop better diversification tactics.  As a result, we equip our clients with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. In the long-run, this helps them stand out from the competition.

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