A holistic brand experience that resonates from
the inside out.

Purposefully structuring our creative processes in such a way so that our strategy, design, and motion departments work hand-in-hand, creating brands that resonate, inspire, and endure.


Establishing a solid strategic foundation before going into creative & marketing execution allows you to make more informed decisions and allocate resources better. 

Brand & Customer Analysis
Brand Audit + Competitor Analysis + Voice of Customer (VOC)

It’s important to know your current situation before you make any moves. Through intensive research and analysis leveraging qualitative and quantitative data, questionnaires, surveys and online listening our teams can give you a clear picture of your current situation and what’s going on around you. Uncovering your real issues is the key to finding the right solutions.
Brand Strategy
Research & Insights + Brand Positioning + Value Proposition + Personality + Key Messaging + Brand Architecture

We dig deep, then build strong. We take you on a journey of discovery, delving into your category, customers, culture and company. We then clearly define who you are, what is important to you and why your audience should care. We structure your messaging to accent upon your strong suits in your most authentic voice. If needed, we can also form an organizational structure for your company’s brands and sub-brands. Accompanied by visual designs that positions each brand effectively, ensuring your entire brand ecosystem communicates seamlessly and intuitively.

Whether you're starting a business or adding another product/service to your brand portfolio, we can help you craft a unique and memorable name that captures your brand essence and evokes emotion. Our process involves in-depth research, setting criteria, brainstorming and refining your options. Afterwards collecting impressions and making sure it’s trademarked properly.
Brand Communication & Tone of Voice
Brand Story + Customer Journey Map + Content Planning + Strategic Communication Framework

A brand is like a person. We craft brands in this manner in order to allow easier connection with your desired customers. Defining the tone of voice that is a crucial distinctive feature. We can then use it to create compelling brand stories, narratives or scripts that reflect your brand’s authentic character. We work together to map the customer journey, identifying key touchpoints and potential challenges. This then informs our content plan, ensuring you have the right messaging at every stage.
Brand Roll-out
Defining Audiences + Channels & Scope + Campaign Development + Monitoring & Measurement
A successful brand unveiling isn’t just about a flashy launch. It's a meticulously planned and complex journey, which we start planning in parallel to the creative process. The process begins by defining your target audiences and the channels where they'll encounter your brand. With a clear scope in mind, a targeted launch campaign is developed, crafting the message and experiences that will resonate. Production then brings the campaign to life, ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints. Finally, we monitor and track the rollout's impact, allowing for adjustments and optimizing future brand efforts. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth launch and a lasting impact on your target audience.


Going beyond just aesthetics, we craft visuals that focus on functionality and emotional impact. Our holistic approach ensures that every brand element works in harmony, complementing one another creating a cohesive and powerful brand experience.

Visual Identity
Concept Creation + Visual Language Development + Brand Guidelines

We translate your brand strategy and voice into a powerful visual identity. Our process starts with concept creation, where we explore and set the essential brand elements - logo, color palette and typography. Next, we develop a cohesive visual language through different types of materials that your brand will use (ex. stationary, merch, digital, etc.). This is a system that communicates your key differentiator values and messages to your audience. Finally, we collect everything into a brand style guide - a document that sets the standards on how to use your logos, color palette, fonts, visual elements and their ways of implementation, so you can have an overall picture of how your brand works.
Spatial Design
Environmental Graphics + Wayfinding and Signage Systems + Exhibition Design 

Spatial design creates functional and engaging environments that communicate the essence of your brand to your audience. Environmental graphics weave your brand story into the very fabric of the space, through elements like murals, floor graphics, and even interactive components enhancing the atmosphere and contextualizing the space. Wayfinding and signage systems ensure clear and intuitive navigation, guiding visitors through a building or complex effortlessly. Exhibition Design transforms museum and retail spaces into impactful experiences  that resonate with users, leaving them with memorable experiences.
Lettering + Calligraphy

Typography adds more character to your messaging. We specialize both in lettering and calligraphy. They provide a rich toolbox for creating unique and visually impactful typography that enhances the distinctiveness of your brand identity.
Editorial & Book Design

Through this service we transform your words into visually captivating publications. The process begins with understanding your content’s purpose and target audience. Then, we craft flexible design systems that utilize various graphic elements like layout, typography, and imagery to create a cohesive experience. The final step is supervising the production process, so you can have a visually stunning product that leaves a lasting impression.

Packaging helps your product stand out from the crowd. Good product packaging design goes beyond physical appearance, it communicates your story and values to your audience. Making an emotional connection with users can navigate them to choose your product over your competitor’s.
Art Direction + Character Design

Illustrations are powerful communicators that capture attention. We’ll develop an illustration style that perfectly captures your brand essence and fits your personality. We specialize in character design and creating unique and memorable characters that can later be used across various marketing materials and media.
Consultations & Supervision
Brand Implementation + Print production

This service ensures consistent application of your brand identity and messaging – logo, colors, fonts, additional designs & communication –  across all touchpoints. This includes marketing materials, packaging, signage, and even collaborating with printing houses to ensure high-quality print production. We act as your guide, ensuring everything aligns seamlessly. And when you’re ready to manage these processes yourself, we’ll provide a smooth handover.


Motion graphics is the art of bringing your brand to life through animation. This dynamic and engaging storytelling tool that breathes depth into your brand identity and can be used in various formats and locations.

Motion Branding
TV & Channel Branding + Logo Animation + Animated Guidelines + Digital Signage

Transforming your brand identity from static to dynamic is what we excel at.
We use animation to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging representations of your brand. 
Once we breathe life into your brand, we provide a detailed guideline tailored to your specific needs.
This includes ready-made templates and a set of principles to ensure consistency across all your media channels. This unified approach enhances brand recall and maintains a cohesive brand presence.
With our expertise, your brand's visual identity will resonate deeply and stand out in every interaction.

Explainer Animation + Scriptwriting + Storyboarding + 2D / 3D Animation + Character animation

Explainer animations are powerful tools that turn complex concepts into appealing, easy-to-understand stories. Here’s how we bring them to life:

Scriptwriting: We start by crafting a script that clearly conveys your message and breaks down the key points.
Storyboarding: Next, we create a pencil storyboard, outlining the major elements like characters, settings, and scenes. This helps visualize the overall flow and structure of the animation.
Styleframes: We then decide on the visual style—choosing between 2D or 3D animation, selecting colors, and defining the artistic direction.
Graphic Storyboarding: We enhance the storyboard by adding detailed graphics and colors, transforming rough sketches into polished visuals.
Animation and Sound: Once the graphic storyboard is approved, we animate the scenes. We can also add sound effects and music to make the animation more engaging and lively.

Through this process, we create animations that clearly and effectively explain your product's benefits, making it easier for your audience to understand and appreciate what you offer. .
UI Animation / Product Animation
UI Animation + Product Animation + Product Demo

Our UI and Product Animation services go beyond just adding visual appeal—they transform how users interact with your digital products. We always start with your team's goal for the project as our guiding light. Our mission is to make your product shine and here’s how we make it happen through seamless user interactions and consistent brand experience. This reinforces your brand, increases user satisfaction and retention and can add a level of clarity in some areas of the user experience.

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