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Alpha Center is a class A building, located near the Business Park in Sofia. This area is known as a modern and vibrant business hub that attracts domestic and international companies. The landlords purchased it with the idea of renting the floors and offices to solvent companies. A few years in, they came to the realization that they needed to freshen up the building and create a visual identity in order to set themselves apart from the surrounding competition. They contacted us and studio HORA to collaborate and design a space that would do just that. We worked closely with architect Andrey Hodkevich to create optimal and well-balanced solutions between the interior and the wayfinding system, a key aspect in environmental graphics.

Visual Identity

Alpha Center is regarded as a business building, however the landlords wanted it to feel bold, contemporary and progressive. Our goal was to work with the architect to seamlessly incorporate the newly created visual identity into the space, while hosting a range of different companies coming in with their own.

The foundational symbol combines in itself the idea of elements working in cohesion. Three A's merge together to create a strong and distinctive central composition - this is the essence of Alpha Center - a space that unites progressive companies under one roof. 

Complimenting the symbol is a visual language, that through typography and color palette communicates precision, boldness, and contemporary style.



We designed a custom set of numbers, based on the geometry of the company’s symbol to expand the “distinctive character” across the physical space. 

Apart from navigating the visitors at the lobby, the edgy forms become a dominant graphic to mark each floor and guide drivers at the underground parking.

The final result is simple, yet distinctive environmental graphics that compliment the building’s interior design.

Wayfinding floors, staircase Alpha Center
Wayfinding floors, staircase Alpha Center



Creative Direction & Graphic Design: Tsvetislava Koleva
Animation: Jelio Dimitrov
Client Service: Vera Schwartz / Venelina Miteva
Photography: Studio Blenda
Interior Design: Studio HORA


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 Behance  +  Dribbble  +  LinkedIn  +  Facebook  +  Instagram

 Behance  +  Dribbble  +  LinkedIn  +  Facebook  +  Instagram



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