Oddval Text

A whimsical visual language to present the newest edition to the Oddval font family

visual identity + illustration + motion graphics + book design + storytelling

Arts & Culture


Behance Typography Selection

Oddval Text by type forward, is an extension to the Oddval Font Family, designed to improve legibility in smaller sizes while retaining the distinctive aesthetic of the original typeface.
The font is developed as a response to the user's needs, balancing functionality with the distinctively “odd” design specific of the family.

Project Goals

Following the success of the first release of Oddval, type forward decided to expand the quirky family. 

The new release focuses on the readibility in smaller texts and we have structured our idea and presentation to showcase this in the best way possible. 


The Idea

What better way to show the best features of Oddval Text than creating a booklet!

We created a two-sided, harmonica-like booklet, which starts with an "Ode to the Odd" and continues with the magical story about the "Valley of Odd." We collaborated with the writer Stefan Ivanov, who is the visionary behind the whimsical space that the Oddval Font Family inhabits.


“A massive thank you to our partners at Four Plus Studio for their incredible work on the visual presentation of Oddval Text. Their creativity and insight have been invaluable in visualizing the essence of Oddval Text and giving life to it.”

Stan Partalev
Co-Founder, type forward


Oddval is a family of shapeshifters

The Oddval Text Collection boasts a comprehensive range of 9 weights, spanning from Hairline to Black, with each weight having its own italic version.
All styles can also be found in one variable font format. This opens up a whole new playground for expressive typography, letting designers have a field day with the typeface in all sorts of creative scenarios. 


Crafted to cater to a global audience, Oddval Text supports over 220 languages, including Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts. The typeface is also equipped with a rich array of typographic features, including a suite of ligatures, stylistic sets, and contextual alternates.




Type Design: TypeForward / Mirela Belova / Stan Partalev
Creative Direction & Graphic Design:
 Tsvetislava Koleva
Animation: Rumena Petrova / Jelio Dimitrov / Vess Blackstone
Client Service: Vera Schwartz
Book Design:  Tsvetislava Koleva
Book Illustration: Vess Blackstone
Text: Stefan Ivanov
Print Production: Georgi Valchev
Pre-Press Production: Kiril Velchev