You Are What You Read 


Internet is flooded with shocking, scandalous news that mislead people and put money in the pockets of the mafia. By reacting to these news, sharing them or even clicking on them, we all become part of the vicious circle. It’s time for serious journalism to prevail over Fake news. 

Mediapool.bg is established in 2000 by independent journalists as the first Bulgarian website for daily news and analysis. Its mission is to stay independent, stand for the public interest and deliver quality content. 

In order to inform and educate the audience about the existence and damage of Fake news, Mediapool and Saatchi & Saatchi Bulgaria launched a campaign under the slogan “You are what you read”. We were invited to design and animate a video that promotes the campaign. Combining footage, images and graphics, the video resembles the methods used in investigative journalism. 


Style Frames




Creative & Script - Saatchi & Saatchi Bulgaria
Design & Art Direction - Ivaylo Nedkov
Animation - Jelio Dimitrov, Pavel Pavlov, Desislava Spilkova, Atanas Giew
Client Service & Project Management - Vera Schwartz

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 Behance  +  Dribbble  +  LinkedIn  +  Facebook  +  Instagram

 Behance  +  Dribbble  +  LinkedIn  +  Facebook  +  Instagram



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